‘The Vietnam War’ Filmmaker on the Horrifying Execution Footage That’s ‘Unbearable to Look At’

Episode 6 dives deep into the Tet Offensive: the misconceptions, the absolute carnage, and the fallout in both Vietnam and the U.S.

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Why California Is Bernie Sanders' and Progressives' Big Battleground for Universal Health Care

In San Francisco, Sanders pushes Medicare-for-all and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom revives statewide single-payer push. The country and California must move toward guaranteed health care for all, regardle...

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'Neo Yokio' Voice Cast: A Visual Guide to Who Played Whom in New Netflix Animated Series

The show's eclectic cast includes legends like Susan Sarandon, Jude Law, and Steve Buscemi.

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Harry Knowles Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Austin Woman Two Decades Ago, and Drafthouse Owners Didn’t Take Action

Jasmine Baker said it took place at a Drafthouse event — but believes positive changes are coming for Tim League's theater chain.

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Failing Dam in Puerto Rico, Endangering 70,000, a Reminder that Climate Denialism Kills

President Trump, notoriously, tweeted that climate change is a Chinese hoax. President Trump, notoriously, tweeted that climate change is a Chinese hoax.Some 70,000 US citizens in Puerto Rico livin...

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'World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People's Thoughts' Review: Don Hertzfeldt Does it Again

Blisteringly funny, deeply touching, and endlessly quotable, the second chapter of Don Hertzfeldt's sci-fi satire makes life a better place.

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Airport Police Demanded an Activist’s Passwords. He Refused. Now He Faces Prison in the U.K.

The trial of Muhammad Rabbani is set to start on Monday over the British government’s use of Schedule 7 anti-terror powers against him.

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